El Mandalorian

“El Mandalorian tiene dinero. El Mando tiene dinero para mi café.”–Jude, un criminal famoso

2019 has been a heavy writing year for me. I finished two TPRS novels and am deep into edits for the one, pre-publishing polish for the other.

And yet, I still love to write stories for my class to read every week. My school is on a trimester elective wheel for sixth graders, which means every three months or so I have a brand-new batch of smiling faces. Leading into the holiday break, I really needed something that would capture their attention and keep them digging into the text.

Voíla and thank you, Disney, for continuing to keep the Star Wars dreams alive.

With only three weeks of Spanish instruction, I needed to keep the input very simple for my students, but I also wanted to echo some of what happened in Chapter 1 of the show, The Mandalorian. So here we are–it’s not perfect, but it’s fun.

Feel free to use, and enjoy your CI/TPRS journey! El Mandalorian


  1. First – Congratulations on the hard work. And now – When I first heard “Mandalorian” the devil on my shoulder showed me a nerdy girl in cat glasses a mid-calf green gingham dress and those zipper boots that hit just over the ankle…and she was a Mandalorian player. Somewhere between a ukelele and an autoharp, played with fingerpicks and a glass slide. Yodeling while performing is mandatory.

    Okay…Congratulations, really!


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