Black History Month

“All great achievements require time.” – – Maya Angelou

Celebrate Black History Month with six easy Level 1 readings! I wanted to introduce some newer heroes of history to my students. So, in addition to renowned historical figures such as Sojourner Truth and Ruby Bridges, there are also new trailblazers such as Misty Copeland and Ryan Coogler. It’s exciting to introduce students to living history as well as promote diversity and recognition in our classroom.

Here’s the whole line-up: Misty Copeland, prima ballerina for ABT; Ryan Coogler, director of the movie Black Panther; Ruby Bridges, the first to integrate our schools; Sojourner Truth, the first to take a slave owner to court; Muhammad Ali, an equal rights activist as well as boxer; and the Williams sisters, who have entirely changed the way the world plays tennis. And each of these comes with an exit ticket!

There is also free fun fact sheet on our 44th president, Barack Obama. These are all available through my Teachers Pay Teachers store, here: Storyteaching’s TPT Store.

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  1. Well, I saw your post about your YA (I HATE pigeonholes) in Spanish book and Congratulations!! That’s your thing, run wit it!
    Black History Month. I dunno. All the the meaning gets lost in the hype and commercialization, like taking a Chopin or Liszt approach to a Beatle’s tune. Too much, you know? I got an email from Ancetsry.Com today, about time for me to celebrate Black History Month. They’ve already run my DNA. What are they telling me? Time to celebrate let’s not rewrite history month and expose the truth for what it was so we don’t repeat it and have All People’s Regardless of Color History Month. One planet. One Day. Nice work!


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