La Pena de Crecer

No hay nada más trágico que una chica buena enamorada de un chico malo.

Especialmente cuando está en la escuela intermedia.

As a teacher, I’m always working hard to keep my students hooked and 100% engaged. Last year I began writing this TPRS novela because I just couldn’t find recreational reading that kept my middle schoolers’ interest. While I have since discovered some teacher-authors who write for a teen audience, I still felt that what I was looking for wasn’t out there yet.

Whether you’re learning Spanish or already a native speaker in search of something to read in our native language, I hope you enjoy this story about the heartbreak of growing up and first love. It’s heavy on cognates and context clues so the reader can focus on the twists and turns of the story itself without getting tangled up in tricky grammar constructions.


And stay tuned, because next I plan to release another one, about zombies and one boy’s journey to the ends of the world in search of survivors.

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