Amor & Muerte

Coming Soon!

There is nothing quite like writing your first novel…until you write your second!

I wrote Amor & Muerte while camping during the summer of 2019, in an old spiral notebook that still had some of my son’s fourth grade spelling lists. (My son is now seventeen; I tend to hold on to old things at my house.) In creating the main character Noah, I was excited to introduce another anti-stereotypical hero. Noah has suffered deep tragedy in his life, but he is not broken. We need heroes who can see the worst of the world and yet not be beaten by that darkness.

This is the second novel where I have been involved at every level with guiding the artwork to emphasize key moments within the plot. It has been amazing to see the vision come to life! When the illustrations are done, Amor & Muerte will hit the publishing press.

I can’t wait to share it with you!

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