La Historia del Chupacabra

All I’m saying is once you’ve been out in the woods and heard the things I’ve heard, you’d believe in Big Foot and the chupacabra.” –J. Lynn

After last week’s little story when Zane went searching for the perfect pet, my students clamored for a sequel to “El Chupacabra”.

Instead, I wrote a little prequel. This story explains some of the origins of the chupacabra with plenty of context clues and cognates to make for easy comprehension. This is the text only, but I prefer to teach stories by having a narrator and a student actor to model the story. Or another way to include comprehensible input is to have students draw their own chupacabra, based on the text. Or, have students create a comic strip by illustrating the text!

There are so many ways to have fun with stories. Coming next week will be the continuation and final installment of our El Chupacabra trilogy.


La Historia Del Chupacabra

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