Cuento: Dinosaurios en una astronave

“Time travel. Timey-wimey, weebly-wobbly, right? Now, let’s imagine traveling through space and time with dinosaurs. Is your spaceship big or small? What would that smell like? Would it be dangerous? Let’s find out!”

September 15, 2016

Una descripción general: The Doctor and his companions must re-home several homeless dinosaurs currently careening through space on a spaceship.

La Clase:  This story was composed for Level 1 students grades 6-8. At this time they had received just five weeks of instruction in the target language. Our focus was on tener, hay, ser, estar, and gustarse, with others thrown in as needed. I also included some past tense, which I pointed out during the lesson and explained (in English) as needed. As always, our story relies heavily on cognates so we can spend our brain-power on recognizing verb structures.

El Disfraz: I printed out a bowtie on cardstock, added some masking tape to the back, and handed it to the student posing as the Doctor. S/He was also entrusted with my very own sonic screwdriver. The Queen of Egypt, here referred to as a The Princess of Egypt because the cognate was easier, was given a crown to wear. (I bought it from Dollar Tree.) The student portraying Amy Pond was given a red flannel button-up, from my very own post-college collection. I also appointed three students to be dinosaurs and gave them masks (also from Dollar Tree!). Their part mostly consisted of running around the room when directed and pretending to cause chaos.

Wait, did I say “pretending”?

“Dinosaurios en una astronave”

Había una vez…

El Doctor y sus compañeras están en una astronave con dinosaurios. Las compañeras del Doctor son Amy Pond y la princesa de Egipto. En la astronave, hay muchos triceratops, velociraptors, y también un pequeño T-Rex.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 9.18.13 AM.png
Pero, una astronave no es un buen lugar por los dinosaurios. Los dinosaurios necesitan su planeta propio. Entonces, el Doctor, Amy Pond, y la princesa de Egipto buscan por un planeta por los dinosaurios.
Primero, ¡el Doctor tiene una idea! Hay un parque que tiene dinosaurios. El parque se llama Jurassic Park. Las tres personas y los dinosaurios fueron al Jurassic Park. Al parque, hay un triceratops muy enfermo. También, los dinosaurios no están muy felices. Los dinosaurios están muy tristes.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 9.19.12 AM
“Este planeta no es un buen lugar por los dinosaurios,” le dice el Doctor. Y la astronave se fue a buscar a otro lugar.
El segundo lugar es una isla de unicornios. Los unicornios son muy bonitos. “¡Aquí está un lugar seguro por los dinosaurios!” le dice la princesa de Egipto. En este momento, las tres personas escuchan un estómago.
¡Es el estómago de un dinosaurio!
¡Los dinosaurios les gusta comer los unicornios!
“Este planeta es seguro por los dinosaurios, pero ¡no es seguro por los unicornios!” le dice Amy Pond.
Y los tres compañeros con los dinosaurios se fueron otra vez.
El tercer planeta se llama “El Planeta Perdido”. ¡Hay otros dinosaurios! Hay muchas plantas para comer. No hay unicornios. No hay dinosaurios enfermos ni tristes.
“Finalmente,” le dice el Doctor. “El Planeta Perdido es un buen lugar por los dinosaurios.”

Y los dinosaurios vivieron felices para siempre.


And, that’s a wrap!


(Wondering what this is all about? See What’s a Teacher Story?)


  1. Okay, If I do this my Spanish will get un-rusty? I once worked for a distributor into Mexico where I learned to do a bang-up job of a synth clinic in Spanglish. With an interpreter right behind me. I’m down with time travelling dinos.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Results may vary; class is more fun in person! However, I can say that most stories will revolve around the Super Seven verbs, and I use as many cognates as I can! For example, there are two words for spaceship, but I used “astronave” because I related it to “astronomy” in class. It’s all about connecting new information to prior knowledge…and having fun. Fun is important.


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